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The 8 Sights of Gijang

Daleum San (Mount Daleum)

Mount Daleum is the first of eight scenic spots in Gijang. In the town chronical records, the mountain is recorded as Cwibok-san.

Imlang Beach

Its name is said to have derived from it being the "beautiful pine forest" of the locals and the “silver waves" shining in the moonlight.


Sirangdae is a rocky area on the southern beach of Dongam Village in Sirangli, Gijang-gun in Gijang-eup.


Sohakdae is a huge rock which rises like a folding screen on Mount Baekwoon in Jeonggwan-eup, Maehak-ri.

Hongyeon Waterfalls

The valley which flows between Mount Keomun andOknyeobong has a reddish mist, and the waterfall just above it is Hongyeon Falls, one of the eight major sights of Chaseong.

Jangan Temple Valley

As the forest is dense and broad-leaved, most of the climbing paths are shaded and as such enable a cool and pleasant hike up Mount Bulgwang.

Ilgwang Beach

The sandy beach extends from the place where the River Icheon and the Icheon port meet to the Hakri fishing village in a circle.


Jukdo is a small island in front of Yeonhwari village in Gijang-eup. Since it is the only island in the Gijang area, it was well-known from the old days and is one of the eight sights.

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