Gijang County

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vision of Gijang 1 City of Light
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the City of Water, Lights&Dream


  • Manifesto is...
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  • 01. No. 1 EduCity of the Republic of Korea
  • 02. Safe City Gijang for all homes
  • 03. the Best City for birth and childcare
  • 04. Happy City for senior citizens
  • 05. No Wealth Disparity in Gijang
  • 06. Eco-friendly Cultural City


  • Our manifesto is a declaration not to lie to gain votes, and it is like a sincere apology with a renewed pledge not to lie based on the principles of five W’s and one H.
    1. It is a letter of apology for not respecting differences and for continuing exhaustive conflicts and divisions. With self-reflection on our conduct and sticking only to our own interests without wavering, it is a pledge about declaring specific plans in a open way to compete with our counterparts with our own values, orientation and alternatives.
    2. Along with the pledge of accepting any punishment in case of committing wrongdoings after all, our manifesto reveals the intention of implementing the pledges regularly so as that the counterparts can easily demonstrate the process of the implementation.
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