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Gijang Anchovy Festival_text

  • Gijang Anchovy Festival_img
    Nationally renowned Gijang anchovies are the representative marine products caught in the spring. The Gijang Anchovy Festival is held at the end of April each year, when anchovies enter their mature stage. It is currently being regarded as a representative festival throughout the country beyond the boundary of Gijang-gun.

Gijang Dried Sea mustard ∙ Gijang Dried Sea tangle Festival_text

  • Gijang Dried Sea mustard ∙ Gijang Dried Sea tangle Festival_img
    Gijang sea mustard and Gijang dried sea tangle grown in clean coastal waters where the East Sea and the southern sea meet, has become the best specialty in this country renown for its chewy texture and unique flavor. Gijang-gun has been designated as special zone for sea mustard and kelp and Gijang-gun government has been pushing ahead special regional development project to upgrade its quality and image. As part of this effort, the Gijang Sea Mustard and Gijang Dried Sea Tangle Festival has been held since 2008.

Gijang Conger Festival_text

  • Gijang Conger Festival_img
    Gijang Conger Festival is held every other year in Chiram and Yeonhwa-ri in order to revive the regional economy and attract tourists by promoting the delicious and healthy Gijang conger as a tourism product.

Cheolma Hanu Bulgogi Festival_text

  • Cheolma Hanu Bulgogi Festival_img
    Cheolma Hanu Bulgogi Festival, filled with various opening performances and programs related to rural experience, is held in October each year in the city of Cheolma known as a garden city blessed with a wonderful natural environment. Its objective is to promote the excellence of the agricultural and marine products along with Cheolma charbroiled Hanu (Korean beef).

Gijang Gaenmaeul Madanggeuk Festival_text

  • Gijang Gaenmaeul Madanggeuk Festival_img
    Gijang Gaenmaeul Madanggeuk Festival is held at the Ilgwang Beach between the end of July and the beginning of August each year. It provides various cultural events for people’s participation, including Madangguek (traditional Korean outdoor performances), Participation Performance, Art Performance, Free Performance and the Ajimae Hanmadang Contest.

Chaseong Cultural Festival_text

  • Chaseong Cultural Festival_img
    The Chaseong Cultural Festival is held before or after May 26th, the Day of County Residents, every other year (odd years) in order to inherit and develop the traditional culture of Gijang and inspire harmony, unity and local patriotism among the county residents by activating sports.

Firefly Festival_text

  • Firefly Festival_img
    Importance of environment through fireflies as eco-friendly indicator insects
    Programs for firefly experience
    Writing and drawing contests for love of green environment
    Firefly International Symposium
    Programs for love confessions under the bridge called Firefly Ojakgyo
    Plays of Hyeongseoljigong (the fruit of diligent study)