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the City of Water, Lights&Dream

Fishery Products

Fishery Products
Gijang Dried Sea Mustard Gijang Dried Sea Tangle Gijang Anchovy Gijang Cheolma Hanu (Korean beef)
Gijang Fresh Hairtail Gijang Sea Eel Gijang Conger

Gijang Anchovy_text

  • Gijang Anchovy, tastes like snow melting away in the mouth._text
    The length of anchovy caught in Gijang in spring during the spawning season reaches from 10 to 15cm of rich fat. Many visitors to Gijang enjoy the fish’s savory taste and soft texture and they can feel it melt in their mouths. Anchovy Kimchi boasts its distinctive sweet taste and soft texture, and fermented anchovy sauce can be used to make Kimchi and Bossam (a sort of Kimchi) while dried ones can be boiled with other sauces and various ingredients.
    Among them, Seokbakji Kimchi seasoned with anchovy has a superb flavor.
    Gijang Anchovy, tastes like snow melting away in the mouth_img
    Season: : From March to April
    Purchase: Hyeongje Fishing ( ☎ 051)727-0086
    Busan Dongbu National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives( ☎ 051)721-8336
    Festival: Every April, Gijang Anchovy Festival
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Gijang Anchovy Sauce _text

  • There are four or five factories in Daebyeonhang Port that make fermented anchovy sauce using fresh anchovies caught from very clean water in the east coast. Stone-pressed anchovy sauce preserved in sea salt is fermented in subterranean fermenting tanks and gives off an appetizing aroma.
    Pure anchovy sauce fermented over the course of a year without any impurities is one of Gijang’s specialties. Fermented anchovy sauce is made by the process of mixing fresh anchovies with salt at a rate of eight to two. The salted anchovies can be divided into two kinds. The first one is a watery anchovy sauce strained from the salt-fermented fish while the salt-fermented fish itself is the second one. The best quality of salted anchovies is red and has a unique pleasant aroma.
    The salted anchovies have a stale taste but the appetizing aroma and the soft texture are very attractive. It is an indispensable seasoning for Kimchi and other vegetable dishes. In particular, you can enjoy fresh Kimchi for a long time when making Kimchi with the salted anchovies, because this process retards ripening.
    A recent finding, which sheds light on a good effect of fermented anchovies, revealed that a newly discovered substance in microorganisms found in fermented anchovies can contain the hardening of arteries.
    Gijang Anchovy Sauce_img