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the City of Water, Lights&Dream

Agricultural products

  • Jangan Black Rice
  • Gijang Rice
  • Gijang Mushroom
  • Gijang Tomato
  • Gijang Jangan Pear
  • Gijang Water Cress
  • Gijang Chives
  • Gijang Carrot

Jangan Black Rice_text

  • Gijang Jangan Black Rice, a rich repository of black foods._text
    Jangan Black Rice is sticky healthy rice and facilitates the prevention of diabetes. When cooked with 10% black rice, white rice turns red, acquires a pleasant fragrance and also becomes glutinous as when cooked with red beans. Jangan black rice has many benefits such as relieving headaches, anemia, eye diseases, high blood pressure, improving a diuretic effect, preventing and curing gray hair. It is especially good for pregnant women and children with anemia.
    Gijang Jangan Black Rice_img
    Season : A year round
    Purchase : Jaw-dong Business Unit of Agricultural Cooperative of Eastern Parts of Busan (☎ 727-4114)
    Jangan Fresh Water Snail Rice Cooperative Unit (CEO, Park Chung-geon ☎ 011-881-3692)
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