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Radiology Specialized Complex

Basic Directions

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    Location : Jangan-eup (Jwadong, Imnang, Ballyongni )
    Area : about 450 thousand pyeong
    Porject period : 2010 ~ 2015
    Project cost : KRW 2.152 trillion / Town 27,500 2012~2016

Basic Directions_text

  • Creating convergence complex as a new growth as a new growth foothold - Focused on converging 3 nondevelopement facilities such as a research such as a reserach center, a company, and a collage
  • Creating eco-friendly research & educational complex - Preserving and using forests sustainably, nature-oriented adaption, and creating healthy environments
  • Creating a specialized complex to lead nation's future growth - Responding to the international trend of the radiological industry policies preparing conditions for national supports

Main Functions_text

Medical function - Dongnam Institue of Radiological and Medical Science, a heavy ion medical, Research function - New research reactor for exporting, a isotope research center, Industrial function - Radiology-related companies accelerator, Educational function A radiological technology center


  • Dongnam Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences(‘04~’10 opening in July, 2010)
    1. . ‘advanced research-focused hospital’ specialized in radiological medical sciences and cancer treatments
    2. KRW177.5 billion(government expenditure KRW 26.7 billion, city KRW 19.2 billion, county KRW 21.8 billion, medical institute KRW 109.8 billion)
    3. A five-special cancer center and a cancer ward with 304 sickbeds),a research center, and a defense center and so on
    • Dongnam Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences_img
  • Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator Center (‘10~’15 patient treatments in March, 2016)
    1. the first local cancer center with the highest rate of full recovery from cancers without damaging normal cells
    2. KRW 195 billion (government KRW70 billion, city 25, county 25, medical institute 75)
    3. heavy ion treatment center, research and assembly facilities
    Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator Center_img
  • New research reactor for exporting (‘12~’16)
    1. Creating an exporting demonstration complex of medical & industrial radioactive isotope production and research reactors
    2. KRW 290 billion (government KRW 250 billion, city 20, county 20)
    3. 20MW research reactor & isotope production facilities
    • New research reactor for exporting ('12~'16)_img