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Medical Services

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Medical Institution Names Address Contact
Gijang Korea Hospital Gijang-eup 051-722-1236
Gijang Hospital Gijang-eup 051-723-0171
Jeonggwan Uri Children's Hospital 3rd, 4th, 5th Fl., Prime Building, Jeonggwan-myeon 051-727-7811
Dongnam Inst. of Radiological & Medical Sciences Jangan-eup 051-720-5114
Saesomang Convalescent Hospital Gijang-eup 051-722-4848
Hyeondae Convalescent Hospital Gijang-eup 051-721-7582
Gijang Goryeo Convalescent Hospital Ilgwang-myeon 051-722-1008
Boginneun Convalescent Hospital Gijang-eup 051-529-1524
Noksipja Clinic Jangan-eup 051-727-3355
Bogeum Surgical Clinic Ilgwang-myeon 051-721-5055
Jeonggwan Jeil Clinic Jeonggwan-myeon 051-728-3115
Yeomgwang Clinic Jangan-eup 051-727-5808
Lee Jae-gwan Internal Medicine Clinic Gijang-eup 051-721-0053
Kim Sa-yeong Pediatric clinic Gijang-eup 051-721-8601
Yeonhap Clinic Gijang-eup 051-721-1722
Lee Gwang-uk Internal Medicine Clinic 5th-6th Fl., Gijang Medical Center, Gijang-eup 051-722-9957
Lee Bae-hyeok ENT Clinic 301 ho, Gijang Medical Center, Gijang-eup 051-721-0561
Bak Pediatric clinic Gijang-eup 051-721-0730
Gyeongdong Orthopedic Surgery Clinic Gijang-eup 051-722-8500
Kim Jong-jae Pediatric clinic Gijang-eup 051-722-7384
Gangnam Urology Clinic 201 ho, Gijang Medical Center, Gijang-eup 051-723-2327
Lee Won-yeong Ophthalmic Clinic 101 ho, Gijang Medical Center, Gijang-eup 051-722-6445
Cha Surgical Clinic Gijang-eup 051-724-4434
Ok Internal Medicine Clinic Gijang-eup 051-724-5527
Choe Jeong-suk Internal Medicine Clinic Gijang-eup 051-724-0008
Good Morning Clinic Gijang-eup 051-723-0301
Dongbusan Orthopedic Surgery Clinic Gijang-eup 051-724-6060
Bon Dermatology Clinic Gijang-eup 051-724-2227
Wollae Uri Clinic Jangan-eup 051-727-7175
Uri Clinic Ilgwang-myeon 051-721-7272
Gijang Sarang Women’s Clinic Gijang-eup 051-723-0760
Sinsegye Orthopedic Surgery Clinic Gijang-eup 051-722-5005
Yeonse Hanmaeum Clinic Jangan-eup 051-727-6963
Gijang Psychiatric Clinic Gijang-eup 051-722-0258
Kobi Clinic Gijang-eup 051-722-3036
Misarang Women’s Clinic Gijang-eup 051-722-3309
S·K Clinic Gijang-eup 051-722-0995
Gijang SarangPediatric clinic Gijang-eup 051-895-3495
Jeolmeojineun Clinic Gijang-eup 051-724-9500
Su ENT Clinic 201 ho, Geumsaem PlazaⅠ, Jeonggwan-myeon 051-727-0575
Myeongjin Clinic 405 ho, March Building, Jeonggwan-myeon 051-727-7580
Hanbit Medical Clinic 305 ho, Jeil Plaza, Jeonggwan-myeon 051-728-8779
Jo Hun Internal Medicine Clinic Room C, 3rd fl., Jeonggwan Residents' Association Building, Jeonggwan-myeon 051-728-1253
The Korea Baptist Convention Medical Foundation
Wallace Memorial Baptist Hospital
Jeonggwan-myeon 051-728-9779
Jeonggwan Yeonhap Internal Medicine · Pediatric Clinic 301 ho, Jeil Plaza, Jeonggwan-myeon 051-728-2302
Cheongno Medical Foundation
Samseong Clinic
Gijang-eup 051-724-4988
Uri Pediatric Clinic Jeonggwan-myeon 051-728-7888
Seoul Surgical Clinic Gijang-eup 051-724-8275
Bareun Orthopedic Surgery Clinic 1st, 5th, 6th, Fl., Jeonggwan-myeon 051-727-7582
Areumdaun Dermatology Clinic Jeonggwan-myeon 051-728-8275
National Health Clinic Gijang-eup 051-723-0300
Gwon Tae-gyeong Internal Medicine Clinic Gijang-eup 051-723-8275
Love Clinic Jeonggwan-myeon 051-728-3033
Dasom Internal Medicine Clinic Gijang-eup 051-723-8880