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Major Institutions

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Community Credit Cooperative_text


Community Credit Cooperative
Name Contact
Gijang Community Credit Cooperative 051-721-1150
Jeonggwan Community Credit Cooperative 051-727-2636
Imgok Community Credit Cooperative 051-508-7903
Sinangchon Community Credit Cooperative 051-722-8448


Name Contact
Korea Exchange Bank Jeonggwan Branch 051-728-3393
Kookmin Bank Gijang Branch 051-722-4001
Woori Bank Gijang Branch 051-722-7064
Busan Bank Gijang Branch 051-722-6086

National Agricultural Cooperative Federation  _text

National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
Name Contact
National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Gijang-gun Branch 051-722-0391
National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Gijang County Local office 051-722-6390
East Busan Nonghyup 051-727-1712
East Busan Nonghyup Gijang Branch 051-720-0526
East Busan Nonghyup Jeongkwang Branch 051-728-5660
East Busan Nonghyup Ilkwang Branch 051-721-0556
East Busan Nonghyup Gijang Branch Cheonggang substation 051-722-1220
East Busan Nonghyup Daebyeon substation 051-721-0532
East Busan Nonghyup Samsung substation 051-721-5311
East Busan Nonghyup delivery center 051-727-4114
East Busan Nonghyup Cheolma Branch Samdong substation 051-508-8150
East Busan Nonghyup Cheolma Branch Shinjin substation 051-722-8150
East Busan Nonghyup Cheolma Branch 051-722-7250
East Busan Nonghyup Ilkwang Branch Chilam substation 051-727-0595
East Busan Nonghyup Weolnae substation 051-727-8001

Korea Federation of Livestock Cooperatives_text

Korea Federation of Livestock Cooperatives
Name Contact
Yangsan Chukhyup Gijang substation 051-722-8511

Naitonal Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives_text

Naitonal Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives
Name Contact
Busan Dongbu Suhyup 051-721-4285
Busan Dongbu Suhyup Gijang Branch 051-721-3765
Busan Dongbu Suhyup Chilam substation 051-727-1416
Busan Dongbu Suhyup Hakri substation 051-721-1727
Busan Dongbu Suhyup Weolnae Branch 051-727-2345
Busan Dongbu Suhyup Daebyeon substation 051-721-1063
Busan Dongbu Suhyup Consumer Consulting center 051-723-1767