• Jukdo

    Jukdo is a small island in front of Yeonhwari village in Gijang-eup. Since it is the only island in the Gijang area, it was well-known from the old days and is one of the eight sights.

  • Sirangdae

    Sirangdae is a rocky area on the southern beach of Dongam Village in Sirangli, Gijang-gun in Gijang-eup.

  • Imlang Beach

    Its name is said to have derived from it being the "beautiful pine forest" of the locals and the “silver waves" shining in the moonlight.

  • Sohakdae

    Sohakdae is a huge rock which rises like a folding screen on Mount Baekwoon in Jeonggwan-eup, Maehak-ri.

  • Hongyeon Waterfalls

    The valley which flows between Mount Keomun andOknyeobong has a reddish mist, and the waterfall just above it is Hongyeon Falls, one of the eight major sights of Chaseong.

  • Jangan Temple Valley

    As the forest is dense and broad-leaved, most of the climbing paths are shaded and as such enable a cool and pleasant hike up Mount Bulgwang.

  • Ilgwang Beach

    The sandy beach extends from the place where the River Icheon and the Icheon port meet to the Hakri fishing village in a circle.

  • Daleum San (Mount Daleum)

    Mount Daleum is the first of eight scenic spots in Gijang. In the town chronical records, the mountain is recorded as Cwibok-san.

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