The flower of Gijang (county Flower) : azalea

The flower of Gijang (county Flower) : azalea

  • Symbol The unity and local patriotism of Gijang County residents.
  • Characteristics It is a broad-leaved shrub of Azalea, and is used for decoration, commercial, and medicinal purposes.
  • Distribution Korea, China

The Tree of Gijang (county wood): Big Cone Pine

The Tree of Gijang (county wood) : Big Cone Pine

  • Symbol Represents the countless development of Gijang County and the spirit of its residents
  • Characteristics It is an evergreen coniferous tree that is native to beaches and coastal mountains. It is resistant to sea breeze and dry moisture
  • Distribution Distributed in Korea, Japan, China, etc.

The bird of Gijang (county bird): seagull

The bird of Gijang (county bird) : The bird of Gijang (county bird)

  • Symbol The perseverance and strength of county residents
  • Characteristics A bird with strong survival skills, the seagull brings up the image of the port and symbolizes hope and cooperation.
  • Distribution found at ports, harbors and in the sea

The fish of Gijang: (county fish): anchovy

The fish of Gijang: (county fish) : anchovy

  • Symbol Symbolizes the vibrant life of county residents
  • Characteristics Spawning twice a year in spring and autumn, spring anchovy is famous
  • Distribution Species from the East Asian coastal waters of nearby shores including Japan and China.
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