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  • Address Ilgwang Beach, Samseong-ri, Ilgwang-myeon, Gijang-gun, Busan
  • Tel 051-709-5446

Ilgwang Beach is located in Samseong-ri in Ilgwang-myeon. The sandy beach extends from the place where the River Icheon and the Icheon port meet to the Hakri fishing village in a circle. In the past, years-old old pines were scattered around the white sand, but today they can no longer be seen. Seen faraway from the East Sea, the shape of the land from Icheon to Hakri is like that of a pouch and one of the places well known for good Feng Shui. Unlike other beaches where the two ends of the horizon do not enter the field of view, Ilgwang Beach comes into view at a glance, giving it a cozy feeling rather than being magnificent or vast.

Although a lot of it has disappeared now, Hakri Village, located to the right end of the white sand beach, as its name implies, used to have flocks of cranes flying above it. The port of the broad white sandy beach and Kangsong-jeong was frequented by white cranes. As such, the beach is one of the eight sights of Gijang. At the center of the sandy beach, the Samseongdae tells us that the three saints Jeong Mong-ju, Lee Saek and Lee Sung-in visited the spot. The view of the white sandy beach from here has a mysterious feel.

This is where the beaches and the surrounding affectionate fishing villages coexist. It can be said that this is where you can see the most authentic fishing village in the country. It can be seen that Oh Yeong-soo's novel Gaekmaeul was not born by chance (published in 1953 in a literary magazine and adapted for film by director Kim Su-Yong in 1965). To commemorate the work, Gijang County organizes a yearly festival at the opening of the summer beach. Ilgwang Beach is an ideal place to relax with family or loved ones and accessible by car or by train from Busan on the Donghae Nambu Line (alight at Ilgwang Station).

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