County Mayor of Gijang

I promise to keep my commitments to the people.

Respected and beloved people of Gijang-gun,

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you for your heartfelt advice, love, and unwavering support.

I will be a mayor who understands the hearts of the people.
I will be a reliable supporter for each and every one of you, so your lives can be filled with hope. I will listen to even the smallest voices of the people and incorporate them into our administration.
Furthermore, I will strive to create a principled and transparent county administration, where principles and common sense prevail, and where integrity and capability are upheld.

I will make Gijang-gun a ‘self-reliant city where the people are happy’.
However, I cannot accomplish this alone.
I will work closely with the central government, National Assembly members, and the Mayor of Busan to smoothly carry out major projects.
Moreover, the power of our people is also needed.

I will usher in ‘an era in which the people are the true owners of Gijang-gun'.
The population of Gijang-gun has increased with the development of the new cities of Ilgwang and Jeonggwan.
As a result, administrative needs have diversified and grown.
I will conduct ‘People’s Needs Surveys’ for important projects and carry out administration based on the people's desires, rather than simply making unilateral decisions as mayor.

Respected people of Gijang-gun!
I will keep my promises to you.
First, I will construct a Gijang that embraces the urban railway era and connects the city in all directions.
I will promote the early construction of the Jeonggwan Line, Gijang Line, and Osiria Line urban railways, build the Bansong Tunnel, and establish new roads for new cities so that we may alleviate traffic congestion.

Second, I will build a Gijang that is the center of advanced future industries.
I will complete the Radiation Medical Science Convergence Cluster, attract cutting-edge companies, and establish a Gijang-style Techno Valley.

Third, I will build a Gijang that fosters youth and women-owned businesses and that creates jobs.
I will establish a Gijang Job Foundation to create tailor-made jobs for our people, and strengthen social enterprises, as well as support centers for youth and women-owned businesses.

Fourth, I will construct a valuable (UP) Gijang through quality urban planning.
I will push for the lifting of unreasonable development restriction zones and water source protection zones, and expand public parking lots.

Finally, I will create a distinguished Gijang-gun in the fields of education, culture, welfare, and safety.
I will establish a Gijang Talent Development Center, support the sixth industrialization of agriculture and fisheries, and strive to increase the income of farmers and fishermen.
Additionally, I will create cultural spaces that connect Gijang Station to Gijang Market and Gijang-eup Fortress, establish stay-type resort facilities linked to medical care and tourism, and build a safe, clean, eco-friendly city where people can live together happily with their companion animals.

Respected people of Gijang-gun!

Now, the center of all county administration is the people, you, the citizens.
I will unfold an era of participatory administration in which the people are the true owners, valuing communication and harmony as our most precious resources.

The voices of the people will be the power that turns imagination into reality.
For this, I ask you to gather your wisdom and send your support.

And to my beloved colleagues in public service!

Thank you for your dedication during these difficult times.
I will always support transparent and fair administration so that you can fully unleash your passion and talents. Let us all unite and open the door to the Gijang of tomorrow.

Thank you.

Jeong Jong-bok, Mayor of Gijang-gun

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